> If you already own a perpetual license version, you don't have to stop 
> using it. But if you start out as a renter, you do. And if you own a 
> perpetual license, such as CS6, and then rent CC as your new upgrade 
> path, when you stop paying, there's a good chance that your current 
> files will no longer open in the CS6 version, potentially rendering it 
> useless.

I apologize--it was pointed out to me that you were talking about the FILES, 
not the software. Now that I re-read the email, I see that too. If you get too 
many versions beyond the new CC (what ever they will be called), the files 
PROBABLY won't be able to be saved back (unless Adobe builds in a permanent CS6 

If you get cancel with current version and need to save back to CS6, you can 
either re-subscribe for a month--or get a gmail address, a new Adobe ID using 
that address, and then use CC for 30 days.

David Creamer
IDEAS Training

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