9AM Pacific Friday July 18 - register at: http://adobe.ly/14ZzI3E
July 18: FrameMaker > RoboHelp Integration
Need to publish your FrameMaker content to online and mobile formats? 
FrameMaker 11, as part of the Technical Communication Suite 4 is your ideal 
choice.  Join us as veteran online trainer and Adobe Certified Instructor Matt 
Sullivan shows you how to rapidly link and map your FrameMaker content into 
RoboHelp 10, and then output to nearly any online format. Once your initial 
setup is complete, Matt will show you how to keep your content in sync, and 
manage your workflow. You will learn to:

 *   Link FrameMaker content to RoboHelp
 *   Make use of FrameMaker generated files (TOC, IX, Glossary) in your 
RoboHelp output
 *   Map FrameMaker content into appropriate RoboHelp structures, including
    *   Tables
    *   Lists
    *   Headings
    *   Cross-references
    *   Graphics
 *   Process FrameMaker conditional text as RoboHelp Conditional Build Tags for 
better control of online content
 *   Manually adjust your conversion CSS to control and customize your 
 *   At the end of this session you will be able to create a working FrameMaker 
to RoboHelp conversion project, which can then be modified per your 
organization's HTML formatting requirements.
About our presenter:
Matt Sullivan is an Adobe Certified Instructor and Adobe Certified Expert in 
ten different Adobe publishing and e-learning applications, including 
everything in the Technical Communication Suite 4. He teaches online and 
in-person classes as well as helping companies improve their publishing 
Matt spent years setting up electronic prepress departments for commercial 
printers prior to the start of his training career. After that,  Matt ran his 
own Adobe Authorized Training Centers (GRAFIX Training, in southern 
California), managed the training arm of roundpeg, Inc., and co-wrote the 
definitive FrameMaker 11 reference book, Publishing Fundamentals: Unstructured 
FrameMaker 11. He has represented Adobe in countless conferences, trained 
FrameMaker support personnel, presented webinars, and assisted in Adobe pre- 
and post-sale engagements. To learn more about Matt, and what he does, you can 
perform a web search on his social media id, mattrsullivan.
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