We gratefully appreciate any insight that anyone can provide into the


We are trying to understand the text of the hypertext markers in a generated
TOC for a structured document (FM11/Windows 7).


1) We have a structured document (c3.fm)

2) We use Special | Table of Contents selecting the appropriate structure
elements (not paragraphs) to c3toc.fm.

3) c3TOC.fm generates without error

4) We run c3TOC.fm file through a structure conversion table and then
manually add the structure.

5) The hypertext marker content for each TOC entry is of the format:
"openObjectId c3.fm:5 1031089" (example)

6) We then save the TOC to XML using our structapp definition (R/W rules and
Structure API Client).

7) The hypertext elements appear in the XML with the attributes:
type="Hypertext" and "text=openObjectId c3.fm:5 1031089"(example)


The TOC flow/ActiveTOC tagged paragraph on the reference pages has the
content: "openObjectId <$relfilename>:<$ObjectType><$ObjectId>".


Our eventual destination with the XML is to translate to HTML translating
the TOC entries into <a> tags that work.


We can't figure out what the objectId is and how we translate it to some
kind of definition in the destination file. Do we need some kind of UniqueID
on the destinations? Is there a structure equivalent to  "openObjectId
<$relfilename>:<$ObjectType><$ObjectId>". Are we missing something?


Thank you for your time.






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