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On Mon, Oct 17, 2016 at 10:28 AM, Tammy Van Boening
<> wrote:
> Since Adobe monitors this list, hopefully this will get someone to pull
> their head out of their backside and provide customer service!!! I have a
> legally purchased fully licensed copy of Adobe Acrobat XI. I am having to
> set up a new laptop, which includes my Adobe products (which I want to do
> about as much as Custer wanted another Indian!). I deactivated my
> installation of Acrobat XI on my old laptop and I am attempting to install
> Acrobat XI on my new laptop. The installation appears to be going just fine
> and then blam. . . I get a message about having to rollback the installation
> and the installation is rolled back and nuked and I get the message that the
> installation was unable to complete, but absolutely NO error code/nothing to
> assist or hint as to what is the issue.
> I am installing on a Windows 7 64-bit Dell E6420 Latitude that has MORE than
> enough RAM for what I am installing. (and that's exactly the setup of my old
> laptop on which I deactivated the copy.)
> I tried to call Adobe support, but after I get through IVR h*ll, and follow
> all the prompts correctly, I get the absolutely useless message that Adobe
> does NOT provide phone support for my product. Really???? Why is this? So,
> of course, I have to resort to chat and after 35 minutes of frustration with
> the "helpful" Adobe CSR, I gave up.  . .
> First, email is NOT the way to go bluntly with the language barrier that I
> was experiencing, and second, the dude was obviously multi-tasking because
> there were many lapses of several minutes during our useless chat where he
> did not respond at all to my inquiries or acknowledge that I had provided
> him the requested information.
> Really Adobe, this is how you treat someone who has been a customer since
> '96???
> I need help troubleshooting this installation and getting it up and running
> - there should NOT be an issue with what is supposed to be a plug and play
> installation from a CD and with a valid license number.

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