On 20 Jul 2017 at 9:43, Rick Quatro wrote:

   > ... here is an alternative approach: ...

   Well, Rick, in German we say for such a procedure, which is now
   necessary with the 'enhanced' interface: "Von hinten durch die Brust
   ins Auge" - "to do something by the most complicated means possible."

   IMHO this is another over-design and I have hence filed bug

   Set linewidth accepts only integers and pt

   I want to set a line width of 0.2mm. The popup dialog with the slider
   allows only to get integer values of dtp points.

   Hence I need to adapt the object later with the Object Properties
   dialogue or set up an object style.

   For various objects in a drawing this is an overhead.

   The version in FM_13 (2015) which also allowed to select from some
   preset values was much more useful!

   May be it's just my over-sensibility for design which does not fit the
   purpose (the reverse to "form follows function") ...



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