> This has nothing to do with FrameMaker in general or Save as PDF in

   Actually, I fear it does have to do with FrameMaker's "Save as PDF"
   functionality. We have repeatedly been warned by the experts who know
   about these things, that it would be foolish to attempt to put Adobe
   Acrobat Pro DC and Adobe Reader on the same machine -- due to sloppy
   programming by these two product teams, they will access and overwrite
   each other's parameter files. Therefore I need to pose the question, is
   that warning still correct, or by now has it become old scoop?

   The problem is that although the Chrome browser may pick up and use the
   Adobe Reader as an extension to read Adobe PDF files, it definitely
   does not pick up and use Acrobat Pro DC. Since we are warned not to put
   Adobe Reader on a machine having the Acrobat Pro DC software, this
   makes it difficult to access Acrobat PDF documents using Chrome. We
   would need to have one machine dedicated to generating the PDFs and
   another machine dedicated to accessing them, no?



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