Please vote on the bug report FRMAKER-3533: Marker pod does not diplay
   current marker

   Problem Description:

   The contents of a selected marker is not displayed in the Marker pod.

   Steps to Reproduce:

   1) Use any document with any types of markers, for example the
   [1]attached document.

   2) Select a marker, for example the one before the <<<<<<<<<< symbols

   3) Open the Marker Pod

   Actual Result:

   Neither is the type of marker updated to the current selection, Nor is
   the marker contents displayed. [2]See screenshot

   Expected Result:

   Behaviour as in FM-13: adapt type to the current selection and display
   marker conents. [3]See screenshot

   IMHO this is a severe bug und should be fixed asap.



   Klaus Daube             Phone:  +41-44-381 37 77

   Schäracher 11           Mail:

   CH-8053 Zürich          Web:



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