If you just want to send something so that people can send comments using track 
changes, then it is possible to make a PDF, and from Acrobat, "Export to Word"

(obviously I would not recommend using the resulting Word files for other 
things afterwards).

Caroline Tabach
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Maybe I've imaged it, but I seem to remember threads re: exporting Frame
2017 to Word? (I'm still on Frame 12)


Is this possible? Does it result in a usable doc (ie, is the formatting


I was at a job interview today and it sounds like they could really use the 
Conditional aspects of Frame in order to deliver various flavours of the same 
manuals. However, they have done without a tech writer for a while and like the 
fact that their engineers can simply go into a Word doc and make changes 


I thought they might try exporting to Word so the engineers could (with Track 
Changes on) make edits in Word. Then the new tech writer - preferably me ;-))) 
- could incorporate those changes into the Frame docs.




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