I have occasionally found "missing fonts" lurking in a table definition. If you 
delete Format A and Format B, or replace and delete their default paragraph 
formats, the table and paragraph formats are still hanging around (in "deep 
cover"). I've been able to correct it in MIF.

Hope this helps,
Pat Christenson

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I'm trying to do something that is seemingly simple...use the Remember Missing 
Font Names preference to get rid of missing font messages.
Here's what I've done:   
   - Launch Framemaker.
   - Select File > Preferences > General.
   - Deselect Remember Missing Font Names.
   - Open, save, and close the affected file.
The next time I open the file, the messages should be gone. However, the same 
missing font message is displayed.
In the MIF file, I don't find any mention of the missing font. The List of 
Fonts in one file doesn't list the font at all. And searching for the font 
doesn't help.
What am I doing wrong? I know this is a perennial issue in FrameMaker.

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