Thanks for the comment. Like I said, Windows 7 was nice and stable, but 
Microsoft being what it is, yes, they can sabotage anything they want 
(including abandon it) and not answer to anybody because they "own" it, whether 
it's Windows 7 or 10. I recall glitches in a manual I was working on for a 
client company back about 10 years ago and Word glitched; I was on page 125 or 
something when all of a sudden when I tagged a listed item "bullet" from the 
list of formats, every bullet in all of the various lists in the book 
disappeared. All the indents remained and the assigned format name remained but 
no bullet could be found anywhere in that book. Thank heavens for Ctrl-Z and 
they all reappeared. I forgot how I got around that bugaboo.

I posted a query about this on the techw-list and the reply I got was because 
it's Microsoft and it does what it does and doesn't worry about collateral 
damage or consequences.

As for this Windows 10 problem, I talked with the IT guy where I work and he 
showed me on his own platform how to pull up the "Programs & Features" and 
"Uninstall Updates" screens so when the next updates do their self-installation 
and if this printer problem recurs, I hopefully should be able to locate the 
particular update to uninstall.

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 Subject: Re: [Framers] Windows 10 updates disables FM printing
An important point being left out is what flavor of Windows 10 is being used. 
If it's Home... I'd walk away.
Pro or Enterprise are stable and have the support required.
Also given that the environment seems to be FM 10, sis or seven year old 
software running in an environment for which it wasn't designed... your mileage 
will always vary like this, and you should expect them.
If it was me and I wanted to hang onto a legacy environment, for some reason, 
I'd do it on a separate machine off the Internet. And used a business version 
of Windows 10 and the current or one step removed version of FM for the serious 

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On Mon, May 28, 2018 at 11:11 PM, Fred Ridder <> wrote:

Ken Poshedly wrote:

>Your sarcasm is noted. I'm just looking for help trying to ward off future 
>problems with Windows 10 updates. And this is the first update since I was 
>"forced" into Windows 10 that has >caused this problem.
>Going back to Windows 7 (which I liked) might be tempting, but in the long 
>run, it'll wind up just like Windows XP, forgotten and unsupported.

As will also be the case (eventually) with Windows 10...

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