And by this, I don't mean a cookbook for food making using FrameMaker as
the writing tool. I mean, a reference book for FrameMaker that explains how
to do some of the odder but more useful things that aren't covered in user
guides and the like.

For example, I'm now changing over a template that has been single-sided up
till now to double-sided. This is easy enough to do, but I also want it to
be able to assign a special master page with "this page intentionally left
blank" on it if Frame adds a blank page because double-sided. And, of
course, I want that master page assignment to be REMOVED if the the
pagination changes. I'm moderately certain this should be possible without
scripting, but I expect it to take a few days to figure out how to do it
(in my copious spare time).

There are also any number of questions I've seen come across this email
list and now over on the Adobe forums for issues that seem to re-occur with
some frequency that, again, a reference like this might be useful for,
because sometimes, search tools just don't cut it ...

So, has anyone? My google-fu seems to be lacking.

Lin Sims

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