Dear all,
In the German forum () Uwe Schlufter finds no solution with the common method 
inserting text insets:
  An anchor paragraph does nonly contain a non-breakin space
  The text inset is placed just in front of the blank.
This method 'normally' prevents the following paragraph (including the anchor 
paragraph) to be reformatted according to the first paragraph of the inset.

Uwe claims:
... I have separated successive text insets with this anchor paragraph. At 
first it 
seems to help. Hurray - no format change when updating the text inset. I have 
a whole chapter. But when I then edited a text inset and then updated it in the 
chapter, this caused the format change of the anchor paragraph.
[Translated with]

My personal experience with the non-braking space is positive since years, so I 
not confirm his problem. What is Your advice?

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