When I did this in the past (Word --> FM), I also followed the same approach 
that Lin mentions - it is the one that prevents confusing issues later on 
within FM or generating PDF, etc. There is usually some crud hanging around 
that could cause problems otherwise.

Of course, now that I am using LaTeX, I have an equally similar approach taking 
docs in FM (stopped upgrading at FM 12) over to LaTeX (FM --> LaTeX). If I need 
to make significant changes - needing multiple days of work - I convert to 
LaTeX with about a day of editing work for the size of documents that I work on 
(typically less than a few hundred pages). 

Else, I just make the changes in FM12.

(As always, I emphasize that what works for me in LaTeX may not be relevant for 
you all. Just the kinds of specs and white papers I write work great in there 
now. With formalized consistency that Word is unable to provide.)


Lin Sims wrote:
> Personally, I usually save the Word file to an ASCII text file and copy and 
> paste blocks into Frame, tagging as I go. It may be a bit brute force, but it 
> works for me. If nothing else, it ensures that none of Word's cruft is 
> imported and that the graphics I need are placed where I want them.

Richard Melanson wrote:
> Hello Everyone,
> I am converting a 193 page Word doc to FrameMaker 2017. Does anyone have 
> recommended templates for doing this. I am trying to do this in 
> as little time as possible. If you can share what you have great, if you are 
> selling what you have great also, just let me know what you need.
> Thank you all for your help.
> Rick

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