What Jeff said. And if you're really worried, save the Word file to a text
file, open it in something like Notepad++, and copy from there. You'll lose
some of the context of headings and things, though, which means keeping the
Word file open so you can check for things like heading tags and graphic
locations and the like.

Still, I prefer it because there is no way, none, that anything sneaks
through. The only thing I copy directly from Word is tables, and those go
into a separate Frame document with the right tags set up and then I use
Rick's TableCleaner to fix them before copying them (again) into Frame.

I tend toward the paranoid when it comes to Word.

On Wed, Apr 15, 2020 at 3:49 PM Jeff Coatsworth <
jeff.coatswo...@jonasclub.com> wrote:

> Nope, with this line (looked it up this time) -
> ClipboardFormatsPriorities=TEXT, FILE, MIFW, MIF, RTF, OLE 2, META, EMF,
> It acts just like running it through Notepad first, no Word cruft.
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> I thought about this way but I didn't trust the copy/paste function to
> only bring over text. You ever have any problems after with garbage left
> over from Word?
> Richard Melanson

Lin Sims

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