Frame 2017 here on Windows 10

I have two projects, each with their own Book and FM files.

When I use the Save As PDF menu option, Project A produces the output
correctly:  none of the bookmarks are expanded in the Navigation pane;only
the root bookmarks show.

When i use the Save As PDF menu option with Project B, however, all of the
bookmarks end up expanded in the resulting PDF.  I don't want that.

Part of the problem, I suspect, is related to the PDF Setup in Distiller.
On the Bookmarks tab that displays during the Save As PDF process, the
field Bookmarks Expanded through Level is set to "Default" and it cannot be
changed.  I should be able to change it (to NONE) but it always reverts to
Default.  The Default apparently is the same as ALL.

I use a customized Distiller job options file, of course.  I looked in the
settings or that options file but didn't see any way to customize the

Note that if I add an FM file from Project A to the Project B book file,
the bookmarks in the resulting PDF are all compressed as I like.  If i
remove this inappropriate FM file from the Project B book file, the
bookmarks default back to expanded.

I just now noticed that if I use the keyboard to type the number 0 into the
Bookmarks Expanded through Level field, it produces a PDF with none of the
bookmarks expanded, which is good.

But I still can't use the mouse to select None (or All, for that matter).

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