HI All, 
I'm trying to create a simple MIF file that contains tables and can be read via 
I need this structure for my engineers, so that they can export data in a 
pre-defined table format. 

So I have the structure of the table (basically copied the structure given by 
one of FM's Sample MIF files (included with the FM installation)). 
In any case. Then I actually read the MIF manual and was able to create the 
table and a short body page by creating 2 MIF files. 
 - One MIF file is used as the template file with all my 
paras/chars/tables/variables/master pages/ etc defined. (It's very long)
 - The other MIF file includes for now, one table (it will include all the 
tables in the Tbls) and the Text Flow. The table is built basically from a 
table header and body rows. It has an "include ( template.mif) to call the 
template file (so that this MIF file is "only" about 300 lines long and easy 
for my developer to follows its syntax so that s/he can auto generate tables 
from their database into FM - and the developer doesn't have to deal with 
unnecessary defs). This will be used to create all the "<Tbl " s in the <Tbls"
Now, because the table format is defined in the template, it pulls all the 
table format definition from the template file. Including its **table title**. 
And herein is my problem.

The MIF file opens nicely in FM with everything except the TableTitle being 
populated (i.e. the table has a table title, e.g. "Table1: " but this remains 
blank despite my desperate attempts to populate it. 
I even tried populating it manually  - i.e. I opened the MIF file in FM. 
Populated Table1: with an example name,  and then saved the MIF file - 
unfortunately, this introduced the entire template again into my MIF file. So I 
tried using the info and copying it into the original 300-line MIF. 
Nothing doing - it doesn't work. 

I also read in the MIF manual that if you create (generate) a table this way, 
you can call the table format (using <TblTag 'TableNameFromCatalog'>) and then 
define exceptions to the Table Format by giving the statement name for the 
specific property and then redefining it.  i.e. create a local definition 
(instantiation) based on the Table catalog definition. (The MIF manual gives an 
example of redefining the number of columns and then adjusting their width - 
there is nothing about the table title property).
For some reason this does not work with the TableTitle. Any ideas why not? 

Thanks so much, 
Orly Zimmerman
Xsight Labs


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