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I wanted to describe the set up for pargraphs with automatic numbering in 
(Keep in mind: I can not read/understand Hebrew), it is just my example of RTL 
I have a paragraph containing the Hebrew text wihich reads from right to left 
want to have it adjusted correctly (on the right marginI. The I wanted it to 
have an 
indent of 1cm for automatic numbering.
*   As long as the direction is LTR the layout is OK, but for Hebrew text the 
    should be on the right side, where the reading starts.
*   As soon as I change the direction from LTR to RTL the text mostly 
disappears behind 
    the right side of the text frame...
So I set up the whole thing in FM-13 (2015) which introduced RTL support. Here 
I can 
get what I expect:

But when importing the file into FM- or FM most of the 
disappears into the area right to the text frame:

Since I have other strange effects in my current FM-15 (see Thesaurus) I ask 
you to 
verify this behaviour (although I only recently re-installed the latest FM-15).

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