I've encountered an aggravating phenomenon that I need a fix for:
The second time I create a PDF from the same FM19 book, the PDF comes out at 
about twice the size as the first time I do it.
Using FM19, I create a PDF by printing a book to a PS file and then distilling 
the PS file using Adobe Distiller XI, "Professional version" 11.0.0779, with 
the "Compatibility" setting set to "Adobe 5.0 (PDF1.4)". (Note that the 
"Compatibility" dropdown menu lists several Compatibility options----up to 
"Adobe 8.0 (PDF1.7)".
The first time I do this I end up with a PDF that is (in this case) about 5.5 
The second time I do it (using the same files) the PDF size is about 11 KB.
Note that in both case, I perform a "save as" operation on the PDF to try to 
reduce its size.

I have no idea what causes this doubling in size and I really need the 
smaller-sized files.
Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
Best wishes,
Barry Meislin

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