You could be facing an issue with the scaling of the content (images?) and the 
fixed widths. Html will make room, if the image pushes wide. And scaling the 
image to 100% of cell width sometimes is ignored (not sure why). Without 
knowing your exact use case, I would preprocess the images to the width, then 
set fixed cell width while accounting for any padding. [And I would begin 
moving towards a different overall layout, but "unask the question" is rarely 
advice that folks want.] DavidDCA:d.a.d
-------- Original message --------From: Lin Sims <> Date: 
7/8/20  11:17  (GMT-05:00) To: "An email list for people using Adobe FrameMaker 
software." <> Subject: Re: [Framers] Table column 
widths in Resp. HTML5 According to the WWW school, column and table widths are 
controlled by theCSS ( have no idea how 
that would be handled through Frame, although I believeyou can import a CSS 
file to control the output?On Wed, Jul 8, 2020 at 9:51 AM Doug 
<> wrote:> Is there a way to make tables use fixed column 
widths in responsive HTML5?> I have them set to fixed widths in Frame, but in 
HTML the column widths> become dependent upon the content.> 
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