Hi folks.

It's only a question of days until we get the (probably last) beta
release out for Plone 2.5, and so it's time to look at the roadmap for
3.0. I have gathered relevant dates to give you an overview and propose
a schedule based on this. All the mentioned dates in the overview are
for final releases.

Plone 2.5
May 2006, announced release
June 2006, expected release

April 2006, 2.0
July 2006, 2.1 (planned)

May 2006, 2.9.3
June 2006, 2.10
November 2006, 2.11
May 2007, 2.12

Google SoC
May 23, students begin work
June 26, mid-term
August 21, deadline

My main idea is to hijack the SoC dates and map them to our roadmap.
Why? Well we have to use some days and it's pretty random which ones we
use, so why not take some that are already given to us ;)

Plone 3.0
June 26, proposal freeze
August 21, feature freeze
October 22, announced release

The good thing about this is that we should get all the great work done
as SoC projects into the release, the negative thing is that we are
again quite behind the schedule in regard to our stack, as both the
releases of Zope and CMF we will build on are already due in June/July.
But I don't see how we could get the good things from SoC into the
release with some reasonable feedback and testing if we would aim for an
earlier release.



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