Geir Bækholt · Plone Solutions wrote:
On 9. mar. 2007, at 17.22, Laurence Rowe wrote:

I would vote for keeping the base tag anyway, as it would make the site not break if someone makes a wrong link somewhere. Another possibility to help this would be to make all folderish content redirect to get the trailing slash, like Apache does.
+1 on redirecting

Historically the Zope mantra has been to return data rather than redirect to save the overhead of processing an extra request. Plone is a complex application and I suspect this overhead is negligible compared to rendering a page. Matching Apache's behaviour would make things conceptually simpler.

INonStructuralFolders should probably not have a trailing slash appended.

If INonStructuralFolders don't redirect and don't have base tags, relative links to the objects contained in them may easily break. They exhibit the exact same behavior as normal folders…

Yes. An INonStructuralFolder should be treated exactly the same as a real folder; the interface pertains to the Plone UI only. isPrincipiaFolderish should be the only thing we check.


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