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Martin Aspeli wrote:

         - Only show the Display/Add/WF pulldowns on the View screen
- Possibly remove the border on initial creation forms (ie.
               keep the actual green border, but remove everything
               clickable on it, since it causes errors)
 We already do this with formlib-based add forms from
Done both of these: no border/tabs on the "add form" with portal factory or formlib, and no drop-downs except on the View tab. The former is done with a check in base_edit; the latter is done with a content provider registration: the menu is registered for view = IViewView, whilst there is a fallback one for IBrowserView that is just empty.

Great! It has one bug, though: I just created a new site after doing svn up, and on the front page (which is a default view in the portal), you don't get any menus, so it's hard to add anything. In fact, since that's the only page (and the menus are missing from folder_contents), you can't really add anything anymore, which is unfortunate. :)

This should now be fixed, svn up Note that with KSS inline tab reloading and inline content view switching, you'll need to reload the page manually, because KSS doesn't yet refresh the menu as well as the thing inside the border.



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