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This should now be fixed, svn up plone.app.layout. Note that with KSS inline tab reloading and inline content view switching, you'll need to reload the page manually, because KSS doesn't yet refresh the menu as well as the thing inside the border.

See https://dev.plone.org/plone/ticket/6272

I thought we stopped doing that because of the URL/history breakage, but I guess that was just a side effect of KSS being broken for a while.

Chalk up another good reason to not do the dynamic replacement of the content area. It's also extremely confusing when you do History comparisons, since the standard pattern is to:

- Go to the history page

- Compare two revisions

- Discover that it was the wrong revision, hit the back button to check a different revision

- Suddenly you are back at the view page *of the previous object* you looked at

Very bad indeed.

Again, I strongly recommend that we disable this *unless* the KSS people have time (and willingness) to spend fixing history+URL injection.

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