On Dec 12, 2007, at 10:53 PM, Tom Lazar wrote:
On 12.12.2007, at 18:27, Florian Schulze wrote:
This is the other PLIP I want to propose besides #213. Martijn did all the hard work for it already.


unfortunately, i haven't worked with jQuery yet, but having experienced the speed at which tomster grokked and had fun with it ;), i'd assume it has great potential in making the js/ajax layer less intimidating to developers. let alone the other benefits already mentioned in the plip.

so, +1 from me, provided we're gonna have the wrapper for cssQuery and an easy way to switch back to the old implementation and the original cssQuery in case anybody needs those... again something for the migration docs, i suppose.

3rd party tools depending on specific JS implementations will break, of course, as the plip mentions, but perhaps its implementation could include moving all old JS into a separate, deprecated skin layer, which we ship, but turn off by default in portal_javascripts. then any breakage could be fixed with just one click in the ZMI. how's that sound?

good, but how about going even further and adding a property and a switch in the control panel, which could then be used in conditions within the js registry? of course, this should be deprecated right away and phased out eventually, but making it as easy as possible for users to switch back would be a plus, imho.

seeing furthermore, that the plip specifically addresses KSS compatibility i really can't see any reason not to accept this.

with the kss selenium tests in place — actually i don't know the current status, but would assume they are after the efforts made at the last snow sprint — it should be easy enough to see if the tests pass. perhaps that could become the "implementation" of the "interaction with KSS" deliverable. i'm pretty sure balazs and godefroid would be happy to help test it, right? :)



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