Wichert Akkerman wrote:
Previously Tom Lazar wrote:
for the record (as a framework team member) i'd like to support martin on this issue.

the formlib wysiwyg support is a *new* feature, and if it happens to *not* work for fckeditor, eventhough wysiwg support used to work for kupu *and* fckeditor prior to formlib, then that's (understandably) unfortunate, but IMHO no show stopper. i appreciate martin's willingness to look into that matter, but by no means would let that influence/diminish my support for plip 200 per se.

Let me explain why I don't agree: FCKEditor is reasonably popular and
fully supported in Plone 3.0. If it suddenly starts breaking in parts of
Plone when people upgrade to 3.1 that is a regression, even if that
happens to be due to a new part of the Plone framework. We need to look
at this from a users perspective, not from our own. Luckily Raphael
already fixed this so the discussion is moot :)

While the particular issue is fixed now I don't think this
discussion is entirely moot. I agree with Wichert here
that we cannot have things breaking simply because
people have an add-on installed.
In the particular case it was even worse than I first thought
because having FCKeditor installed also broke the kupu
formlib widget even for people that had kupu selected
as personal preference. So I correct my initial classification
from boarder line to show stopper.

Why am I saying this now that the issue is fixed?
Because I want us to be careful when doing code review
and remind us that we promised to not break 3rd-party
products in this release. (here it was a lack of extensibilty

Furthermore, I also agree with Wichert in that we need to
look at this from a user's and not a developer's perspective.
I don't want to tell my users "You know this is a new feature
that unfortunately breaks with your current configuration
but it wasn't available before anyway ...".

What's more: the issue is more central then it might seem
at first glance as it is not about WYSIWYG editing a static
portlet only but about providing a WYSIWYG widget for
*all* formlib based forms which we will see increasingly
often in the future. Having such a widget not honoring the
current customizability (after all we do offer to select the
editor in the personal preferences) would have been a
major flaw.



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