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oops, i only realized raphael had already looked at 212 in the middle of writing down that list. so actually it should have read "#187 and #215 need to be reviewed for a second time, and #202 and #212 should probably also see another round of click-tests."

afaik, neither tom nor danny have posted notes about their reviews of the above mentioned PLIPs. this does not only mean we've now missed the second deadline as well (even with the two extra days), but also prevents the team members from casting their votes on these PLIPs. imho, this really sucks! :(

on top of this, i haven't seen any votes from danny and raphael (except on the PLIPs they've reviewed themselves), so i cannot send any recommendations to wichert, either. i'm effectively booked with fixed appointments for the rest of this week, so i won't be able to adjust my schedule again to accomodate these delays. one of you has to take over the job of going through the PLIP tickets (to check which still need attention), counting votes and passing on the team's recommendations to the release manager.

i'll leave it up to you to decide who will have to do this, but perhaps it would make sense for wichert to nominate someone to avoid losing even more time... :(



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