FYI i have completed my two remaining reviews and have additionally reviewed #243 which was without a review.

there are still outstanding reviews from raphael, witsch and mj (or have they perhaps not updated the pliptallies page[1]?) and IMO #243 would also warrant a UI review!

i have included all reviews inside the bundle with a REVIEW-NOTES.txt as per convention and have additionally posted my review as a comment at the plip page.

i have not mailed the authors or this list with each individual review.

that's all for now, gotta run!




On 29.01.2009, at 10:49, Andreas Zeidler wrote:

hi framework team,

we're quickly approaching the deadline for the first round of reviews. most PLIPs have already seen at least one review, but in total we're still at only 11 out of 24 necessary bundle reviews. we're also still one UI review short. so let's push a little harder and try to get those reviews done! :)

in related matters...

On Jan 19, 2009, at 4:36 PM, Andreas Zeidler wrote:
On Jan 19, 2009, at 3:58 PM, Martijn Pieters wrote:
Only 2 plips do not yet have a second reviewer assigned:

#237     "Minor i18n upgrades"
#243 "Replace workflow history viewlet with content history viewlet"

Shall we tackle these ad hoc or will someone take these?

perhaps let's get going with what's assigned and wait for any of the three missing PLIPs to potentially be submitted before taking care of the remaining review, shall we?

i think it's time to assign those now, mostly so that nobody gets the impression they're already done or almost... ;) with a total of 12 PLIPs we get to review six each, so everybody needs to sign up for one more. i just did so (for #237) and would like to ask you to fill in the remaining slots today.

also, raphael, i saw you sent some comments, but could you please update the overview page[*] as well, so we get a better, well, overview. :)



[*] according to

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