Hi Framework Team,

I'm revisiting PLIP #244: "Site-wide portlets and portlet management improvements".

The old PLIP description is at: http://plone.org/products/plone/roadmap/244

The page is showing some markup error... probably related to the recent upgrade.

Anyway, based on the feedback I've got, I've updated it and splitted into different PLIPs so we can avoid some unnecessary confusion. These improvements are related, but they don't depend on each other, so even if one is not approved, the other can go ahead.

- #9285: Show blocked portlets in management interface

Improve the portlet management screen to show all portlets, including the ones that are blocked. This way users are be able to see what's going to be blocked with a whole category and also the ones that are being inherited.


- #9286: Allow to show/hide portlets

Allow the user to hide individual portlets using the portlet management interface with a single click.


Considering that the other PLIP wasn't accepted due to some UI concerns, It would be great to get some feedback in time to adjust the PLIPs, since I believe these would be really valuable changes.



Ricardo Alves <r...@eurotux.com>
Eurotux <http://www.eurotux.com>

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