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 Replying to [comment:29 tomster]:
 > We have decided on moving forward using quintagroup.transmogrifier since
 it currently offers the most complete solution of all the approaches
 evaluated. Our assessment was that while it seems a bit 'rough' and
 doesn't have a lot of test coverage it is the only solution that currently
 actually produces workable results. OOTB we were able to export a sample
 Plone 3 site and re-import it into a vanilla Plone 3 site, however
 importing that export into a vanilla Plone 4 site did ''not'' work.
 > We then spent the remainder of the sprint working on improving
 quintagroup.transmogrifier so that importing into Plone 4 would be
 possible. Since the code lives in quintagroup's read-only repository and
 we wanted to get started immediately, we created a
 [http://github.com/tomster/quintagroup.transmogrifier clone on github] and
 worked on a
 Plone 4 branch], where we now have complete tests for exporting and
 importing a plone site.
 We've went on and evaluated the
 Plone 4 branch]. It is vast step forward. However
 Plone-4 test fails] with `testcaselayer.ptc` import error and
 Plone-3.3 test fails] with extra
 `transmogrifier(u'quintagroup.transmogrifier.tests.datacorrector')` test.

 Let's clean up this stuff first and move on with collective initiative

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