#11017: Tags MultiSelectionWidget w/scrollbar & checkboxes
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Comment(by rmattb):

 Thanks for your comments, elvix.

 Re: size of box.  Currently, 6 tags typically display without a scrollbar
 - are you saying that the box should be taller to show 10?

 Re: seleced tags.  The screencast (linked above) explains some of the
 reasons for showing currently selected tags.  A common example from Plone
 <=3 is where a user left clicks on tag #2, not seeing that tags #21 & 22
 were already selected below the scroll, and thus inadvertently removes #21
 & 22.  They can literally lose tag data.  With the new widget however,
 since a left click no longer deselects other tags, showing the selected
 tags is not a *must*, but many have said it's nice to have.  Since the
 coding of that is done, I'm inclined to leave all the options in, and a
 simple css change can hide the selected tags, if desired.  GMail and
 Flickr show selected tags (labels) outside the selector widget.

 Re: red X.  It was suggested that in the case of long tag lists, it would
 be convenient (though redundant) to be able to deselect a tag without
 scrolling, and it wouldn't require much space.  Could the alt text be
 improved to explain it better?  GMail again has similar functionality on
 tags (labels).  Flickr only shows this tag delete X on hover - maybe
 that's the best middle-ground approach.

 Re: two columns.  This is another case for showing more than 6 tags, so
 I've increased it to >8.

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