Meeting minutes are below. The TLDR version: FWT members, sign up for a minimum 
of 4 PLIPs to review. Have them done by Nov 30th. We're merging Zope 2.13 soon, 
voice any concerns ASAP.

Plone 4.x Framework Team Meeting – Nov 9, 2010

In attendance: Eric Steele, Laurence Rowe, Craig Haynal, Rob Gietema, Alec 
Mitchell, Ross Patterson

 * Merging Zope 2.13 and CMFPlone PLIPs
    * Craig has looked at it again in the last few days and tests are now 
passing and its working.
    * Decision to merge Zope 2.13 upfront, wait on CMFPlone until after reviews.
 * Divvying up PLIP reviews
    * 11 new implementations ready for review, will need at least 4 reviews 
from each FWT member to reach the desired 3/PLIP count.
    * Please sign up for reviews on the Plone 4.1 PLIP votes GoogleDoc before reviewing.
    * Please add a link to your completed review to the spreadsheet.
    * UI team has been handed 10 PLIPs to review. Eric will attempt to 
 * Review deadline
    * Endeavour to complete reviews by November 30th
 * lxml in installers
    * Include lxml in the installers, makes life easier when using Diazo, etc.
    * Laurence will submit a PLIP, to be reviewed outside of the current round  
 * Login changes
    * Changes are minor and can be merged once we branch
    * Changes to plone.session for auto-logout support should not be exposed 
through add/remove plugins, there is a variable in plone somewhere to list 
profiles to hide.
 * Functional browser testing
    * Eric will be submitting an out-of-process PLIP in the next month. Basics: 
standardize use, setup of Selenium 2 in core packages. Builds on work from 

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