This initial implementation was always going to be a stop-gap measure but a
couple of new things have come to light here which are changing this PLIP's
functionality. The openid whitelisting patch, a UI review and some other
things. Even though the minor implementation could technically make Plone
4.1 I am not sure now if it should.

After thinking about the problem a little bit more it became obvious that
even though I consider the direction to be the right one. There may need to
be a bigger overall push here in regards to actually solving the Nascar
Problem as pointed out in the ticket and at Google's Faculty Summit. How I
believe we go about doing this needs to be implemented, written up and
presented to the Plone & Openid communities for review. That aside, I'd
really like to wrap up the whitelisting functionality that Kai Lautaportti
has been working on at the very least as it's integral to the functionality
of the whole Single-Sign on Federated process which increases the
functionality of the ticket but clearly for good purpose.

I will update when I actually have everything wrapped in a bow properly.

Christopher Warner
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