I'm not part of either of the teams but just a couple of comments.

On 02/12/10 19:28, Timo Stollenwerk wrote:
> Hi Plone UI team,
> I would like to discuss some UI related issues that were raised during
> the PLIP review of plone.app.discussion (by eleddy and cah190).
> https://dev.plone.org/plone/ticket/9288
> PLIP REVIEW: The delete button to the far right of the comment is
> insanely confusing. I think this could use some UI review.
> QUESTION: See screenshot attached (pad-delete-button.png). I moved the
> delete button away from the reply button for two reasons: 1) I wanted to
> avoid clicking the delete button by accident if a user wants to reply.
> 2) To make it more clear which comment is deleted when hitting the
> button. I'm happy to hear any suggestions for improving the UI.

I agree with separating the Delete button from the Reply one. It's a 
wise decision.

I'd replace the "Delete" button by a cross sign or a trashcan icon, with 
the title and alt attributes "Delete comment".

-- israel

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