#9352: Improved search results
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Comment(by spliter):

 Replying to [comment:142 spliter]:
 > The plan is to move the object to the global scope and switch to JSON in
 the ajax call to make search results available everywhere with a simple
 javascript call.

 Had the discussion with Hanno about this today. Seems like it doesn't make
 a lot of sense to provide JSON objects or add any global functions/methods
 in the plone.app.search package. The reason is — the search, as it is now,
 returns results in plone batches, is based on a certain template output
 structure, uses breadcrumbs for the entries etc. All of these are not very
 JSON-friendly. At least it doesn't really make a lot of sense to spend
 time on getting JSON results as the output of the search. So, for now,
 plone.app.search will be based on HTML structure being returned with the
 AJAX calls.

 References #9327. Instead, maybe we could make plone.app.contentlisting
 providing JSON objects on demand in order for them to be re-usable in
 different places when using AJAX (for example, for dynamicly updated
 listing portlets like News/Event Items or something more dynamic). I
 suppose this is not the highest priority, but would be nice to have a
 unified story for listings, nomatter whether they are used in python or

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