#9352: Improved search results
 Reporter:  laurenskling    |       Owner:  spliter 
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Comment(by spliter):

 Would like to comment on some issues, mentioned by Yiorgis in the review.

  * RSS link:

 >      Add a few items, mixing private and published content. Perform a
 >      with no SearchableText and no additional filters. There are no
 >      Consecutively clicking on the RSS feed shows all items on the site.
 >      it's inconsistent with the search results but also returns private

 It is updated now and, when one searches for an empty string, search
 returns *all* results that makes sense. The same behavior is in the RSS
 link, so search results and their RSS listing are consistent now.
 Concerning the private items, I could not reproduce them being shown in
 the RSS results.

 >      Nicely enough, if you DO filter by date (say display results since
 >      yesterday) only published items are shown.

 Did this and got the same results in both — view and RSS listing.
 So, I would assume the other fixes to, probably, @@updated_search and
 search.js made RSS link work as expected and consistent with the main
 search results view.

  * @@updated_search error when there are no results:

 >  I've somehow managed to produce some errors on @@updated_search...
 traceback: http://pastebin.com/BbTnHdU1

 Should not happen anymore.

  * Clean URL for when only the SearchTerm is updated:

 >         While on the search results page, updating the searchable text
 and clicking
 >         on search again, includes all the filter parameters

 Fixed (In [51086])

  * Another issue with empty search results:

 > Searching with searchable text empty, show on the screen
 >         "No results were found", under "0 items matching your search
 >         Searching with searchable text that will not produce any results
 does not
 >         display "No results were found".

 Missing text in this case was relevant to the aforementioned breakage in
 @@updated_search. As a repeating sidenote, "searching with searchable text
 empty" gives all results now, not 0.

  * Search in the current section:

 > The "only in current section" setting is not preserved.

 Right, it is not preserved when one performs a filtered search (using the
 options within the "Filter the results" list). It is preserved with the
 simple search, involving SearchableText updates and sorting options
 though. I am not sure whether we need to invest time in fixing this though
 — I would say, getting rid of that redundant "only in this section"
 checkbox should be another PLIP. Or, if we really need to preserve it, it
 should be concealed in the "Filter the results" list of the search results
 page. There is 1 out of 1000 designs that might need this option to be so
 prominent as it is now.

 So, appart from the search within a section, I think issues in Yiorgis'
 review are handled and should nto be a blocker for the merge.

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