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> For those of you that don't know about this great festival, PUNTO DE 
> VISTA [1]is possibly the best film festival in Spain, dedicated to 
> 'documentary films', it seeks to reward risk-taking and non-narrative 
> approaches and has a strong accent on experimental films. Last week, 
> Josetxo Cerdán, its artistic director, was told that due to severe 
> budget cuts (despite the governing political party's supposed 
> 'commitment to culture'), the festival would be no more...
> The Punto de Vista Festival has shown works by Raymond Depardon, Jean 
> Vigo, David Perlov, Jay Rosenblatt, Alan Berliner, J. P. Sniadecki, 
> James Benning, Naomi Uman, Lynne Sachs, Ben Rivers, Ross McElwee, 
> Satô Makoto, Jem Cohen, Barbara Hammer, Ben Russell, among many 
> others...
> Please, take just a couple of minutes to support this Punto de 
> Vistasigning the online petition here: 
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> /On September 15th I received a phone call telling me that they were 
> suspending the Eighth Edition of Punto de Vista to be celebrated 21st 
> to 26th of February 2012. /
> /Not only me, but part of the festival's team have been working hard 
> since the month of May designing the program for the next edition. 
> Almost 500 films have been submitted since the call for entries was 
> announced on May./
> /This ardous work of  four months together with some expenses 
> regarding programming and production (such as maintenance and 
> monitoring of registrations, traveling to other film festivals and 
> shipments) is now wasted money. / /Next year's edition program is 
> closed on a 90%. We designed the poster and the cinema campaign. Not 
> to mention a private founding program that was requested early this 
> summer and their response was coming in a short period of time. All 
> personal, professional and economical efforts are now inevitably 
> lost. This is happening at times where austerity policies prevail./
> /Punto de Vista, in its 2011 edition reassured a strong and varied 
> audience leaving behind its label of "elitist". A label that had 
> unfairly haunted the festival since its own creation: I would rather 
> say intelligent, not elitist. How can an activity that has a fee of 
> three euros for each event be considered of elitist? Punto de Vista 
> is a festival for the enjoyment of all the people of Navarra and for 
> all those who came from abroad (from all corners of Spain and other 
> countries) to Pamplona in order to attend the Festival. Visitors who 
> came on february, the coldest month of the year to increase the 
> community's economy on the tourist sector in terms of: hotel 
> reservations, restaurant and bar consuming, transporting, etc./
> /As I have said repeatedly, Punto de Vista have become one of the 
> most important film events of  our country and also with an 
> increasing recognition abroad (as it has been witnessed in some 
> prestigious magazines like Cahiers du Cinéma, Sense of Cinema and Art 
> Forum, among others). All this success with a total budget that was 
> three to four times less than of any other spanish film festival in 
> Spain with a same status on the quality of its programming.  /
> /The //UPN (Unión del Pueblo Navarro Party) stated on the past 
> elections that Punto de Vista Film Festival should be the "Referral 
> Program" in the film area of the current Navarra Government. //These 
> "Referral Programs" were a series of initiatives that "Were needed of 
> more funding to increase their activity and promotion'"/
> /(Muévete por Navarra, Electoral program. Unión del Pueblo Navarro 
> 2011-2015, pg. 41)./
> /Where are those election promises now? /
> /Where's the defense of a cultural activity with an //increasing 
> recognition inside and outside of Navarra and Spain? /
> /Where is the commitment to a Navarre audience that this festival has 
> consolidated over seven editions? /
> /And finally, where is the commitment to a whole group of 
> professionals who have made it possible until now, and who already 
> committed to filmmakers from different places such as Germany, 
> Malaysia and the U.S.?/
> /Sincerely,/
> Josetxo Cerdán
> Artistic Director of Point of View Festival 2012
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> [1]
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