Hi all, 
I have a super 8 query regarding a camera I sold a while back. I'm trying to 
figure out what's happened. Now I tested the camera before sending it out and 
got images/the film pulled through fine. 
Here is what the buyer has said has happened after using a film cartridge 
(100d, with correct settings, etc) developed by a lab in soho:
"they called to say that only a six second burst had come out. It so happened 
to be the last 6 second burst that I did owing to the fact that the film 
counter had reached 50ft. After getting the film back and looking the exposure 
is great. I have taken it for a free look over by a pro camera shop in soho. 
They have said that the film is not going through the gate, and that the claw 
is not grabbing the notches on the film. They also said it was very dry inside 
the camera. I understand what all of this means, I have a good understanding of 
how cameras still and now moving work. They quoted £129.99 + v.a.t for a full 
service and mend with a six month guarantee. This is lots of money for what was 
supposed to be some fun."
Ok now like I said I tested the camera and it pulled through/developed fine. 
Also what confuses me is he says the film is not going through the gate, the 
claw is not grabbing the notches of the film? Why then did that 6 second burst 
Here is an online video of the footage that came out:
Can anyone tell me what they think of this footage and the general situation or 
come up with some explanation? If the camera is genuinely faulty I would give 
the buyer at least a partial refund, however the buyer has told me that the 
soho shop dismantled the camera (which makes me a little dubious about sending 
a refund as it's not how I sent it out and there could be some tampering going 
on). Also this soho shop sounds a bit steep with their prices, does anyone know 
anything about this shop in soho?  
Sorry if anyone on here actually works at this soho shop, I don't want to imply 
there is anything suspicious going on, I just want to get to the bottom of this 
and come to a fair conclusion.  
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