I once had a funny argument with a friend who was excited that he 
could set his digital still camera to take "widescreen" pictures. It 
turned out that those pictures had thick black bands on the top and 
bottom, so I said, you're not getting more picture, you're just 
cutting off the top and bottom and getting less picture. But he 
insisted: "No I'm getting more picture on the left and on the right." 
We each thought the other was blind to reason...

At 13:25 +0100 20/10/11, Kevin Timmins wrote:
>I'm making a video for a uk bike trials video and put up a poll for 
>the public to decide what ratio they want their video filming in. 
>The youth of today hates 4:3! Really hates it for no reason. That is 
>they say things like "4:3 is aweful" but with no explanation as to 
>why? What's going on here?
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