> Sadly, we should probably be thinking about whether there
> are  
> improvements to 4K and digital projection systems that will
> get us  
> closer to the look of films that may soon not be available
> on film, or  
> are already unavailable.

Well having more than a tiny few cinemas capable of projecting in 4k might be a 

I suspect that what we have is what we will be stuck with.
It will be very expensive to rip out all those newly installed video projectors 
and replace them with some new improved video projection systems and what would 
be the commercial motivation to do that?

I guess for festivals, there might be some kind of wave of 4k one day in the 
future but for the near future I think it will be 1080p all the way. I suspect 
that innovations in video are likely to come to the home ahead of cinema chains 
and that's where we may see 4k and other improvements in video.



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