Kodak's motion picture product line saw a number of changes in 2011, some
of which have been part of the general tend
at Kodak. Such as, discontinuing shorter and less popular roll lengths and
winds for camera rolls (A wind, 200' and 800') and
moving film products from acetate to estar base (3366 B/W IP replaces 7366
for example).

Kodak added new Vision3 stocks in 2011 (7230 and 7203), and updated their
color intermediate stocks (2273, 7273). At the
same time, the cost of color and black and white print stocks twice went up
10% during April and June, and optical sounds stocks
increased in price as well. In addition, Kodak discontinued their printer
steadiness test kit.

16mm film finishing will likely continue to get more difficult and costly.
I recently got quotes for a printing job on a new project, and was quoted
$1000-1500 more for an answer print than in 2010. Craft labs and DIY labs
may need to save the day in this regard, and
Europe and Canada seem far ahead the curve compared to the U.S..

Kodak is also an important manufacturer of plastic cores, metal cans, PTRs,
molecular sieves, splice tape, film cement, leaders,
and film chemistry and chemistry kits. In some cases, these products can be
sources elsewhere, but Kodak's prices remain
competitive and in some cases the quality Kodak's products is better. To my
amazement, and despite a recent price increase, Kodak continues to import
and distribute Pyral 16mm magnetic film.

It is certainly my hope that Kodak motion picture products will continue in
some shape or form, although I have my doubts that this can be done
effectively under the current executive leadership at Kodak. But regardless
of who continues to run the motion picture
operations, I don't know if we can assume that the product line will remain
as it is now. It seems almost certain that decisions will be
made in haste and their will be certain products that are lost in the


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