Hi frameworks,
I've got a lot of moribund film stock which is building up at a somewhat 
welcome rate. I want to know if I can process (essentially still use) them as 
black and white films. Here is a list of films stocks which I have:
Kodak Kodachrome K40Kodak Ektachrome 160AGFA moviechrome A40REVUE superchrome 40
Now I have a lot of film that hasn't been used which begs the question. How 
should I expose the colour films in camera to be processed as black and white? 
I know the black and white developing process for tri-x stock. Should I deviate 
from this process to develop the above films stocks? 
I also have a lot of film cartridges that have already been shot by other 
people in different countries and I'm itching to try and develop them. These 
films have most likely been shot with automatic light meters so again do I need 
to allow for longer developing times or something?
Any help on the above would be greatly appreciated.
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