Many thanks to the list - I have had some very helpful and interesting 
suggestions, both on and off list, in terms of filmmakers who reference 
alchemical ideas, or who might be said to work in a consciously alchemical way 
with film - Christian Farrell / Silt, Sociedade Abissologica, Daniel Higgs 
'Alchemist', Werner Nekes, Jim Davis, Ken Paul Rosenthal.

I want to say also that May at the Academy has been very helpful in terms of 
organising a way of viewing James Whitney's Dwija. 

I am aware of William Moritz's writing on Dwija (thanks to CVM), also the 
discussion of Dwija in William Wees. If anyone knows of any other sources or 
commentaries I should know about in relation to this (or indeed his other 
'elemental' film - Wu Ming) , please do let me know.  

Thanks again to everyone for such helpfulness.


Richard Ashrowan

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