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And if  you think things might get 'better,' I think you're kidding 
yourself. Because  this is all about forces that are much larger than our 
experimental  film scene and have been rolling down the hills of history for 
well over 35  years. (Of course film prints wear out, fewer and fewer print 
stocks are  available, labs are closing down...) 

So, what is too be done?  

It's time to think outside the box, go back to square one, ask ourself  
what REALLY matters here, and figure out how best to achieve those ends in the  
real world of America  2012...

Way too cynical.
Plus, video isn't film, art has always needed benefactors, and who cares  
what students think today? Any film student who resents film is a moron. Let  
them study their videos.
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