The next {SØNiK}Fest 5 and Synthetic Zero Event

Saturday March 3, 7-10p - Ran Tea House - 269 kent ave brooklyn

The next {SØNiK}Fest 5 and Synthetic Zero Event will be on Saturday, March 3rd, 
7pm - 10pm, at the Ran Tea House at 269 Kent Avenue, Williamsburg, NY 11211, 
curated by Mitsu Hadeishi and Seyhan Musaoglu. We will have art installations, 
experimental film/video, performance, music, noise. The event will be free 
(donations accepted).

Greg Potter - Brooklyn, NY 
Jane V Hsu and Chris Hosea, "So Many Fortresses" - New York, NY 
Seyhan Musa - electronic / noise - Brooklyn, NY


Aaron Oldenburg - "Optic Echo" - iPad app - Baltimore, MD 
Sophia Brueckner - "The Code That Sings Itself" - sound installation - 
Providence, RI 
Adam Tindale - "Record" - sound installation - Calgary, Canada 
Scott F. Hall - "Power Ambient Peal" - sound installation - Orlando, FL 
Jorn Ebner - "Falsches Radio" - sound installation - Berlin, Germany 
Rebekkah Palov - "Ever" - real-time video installation - Hornell, NY 
Carlo Zanni - "My Country is a living room" - interactive video installation - 
La Spezia, Italy 
J. Robinson - "Nothing to Undo &GLI.TC/H" - video installation - 
Charlottesville, VA

experimental film

Traci Tullius "Home" - New York, NY 
Alison Ward, "The Audience" 
Lee Young Joo - "Mirrored" - Frankfurt, Germany 
Elizabeth Monoian - "Desert Women" - United Arab Emirates 
Charles Chadwick - "The Vagrant of Ephemera" - South San Francisco, CA 
Ran Slavin - "Untitled" - Tel Aviv, Israel 
Zeljka Blaksic aka Gita Blak - "Not Your Rabbit" - Zagreb, Crotia 
Nick Briz - "A New Ecology for the Citizen of a Digital Age" - Chicago, IL 
Christopher Conry - "Bone Palace Ballet" - Brooklyn, NY 
Enrique Maitland - "Orchids" & "Kettle Black" - Brooklyn, NY

future events

If you'd like to suggest a future event, would like to curate a show or submit 
visual art, video, film, music or a performance, please email mitsu at 
syntheticzero dot com; if it's a video, you can send a link via email, or a DVD 
or Blu-Ray disc to:

Mitsu Hadeishi / Synthetic Zero 
305 E 140th St #1A 
Bronx, NY 10454 
718 772-4961
Preferred formats for video are DVD (NTSC or PAL) or Blu-Ray disc. 

Please forward this to friends. Thanks.

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