Hey all,
just wondering if anyone has had a chance to check out the new hollis
frampton blu-ray from criterion.  I was really excited to get it the other
day only to find out there's a weird bug with upgrading from Windows Vista
to Windows 7 with my DVD/BD player software.

I have since downloaded other software and I've been able to play my other
BDs, but still having problems with the Frampton disc and now I'm thinking
there is a problem with the disc itself. I tried emailing Criterion to see
if there have been any issues (I don't want to send it back unless I'm sure
there's a problem).  Unfortunetely, I don't have a BD player outside my
computer and I'm not in the financial position to obtain one at the moment.

Any comments would be helpful even if all you say is "mine works perfectly".
thanks in advance,

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