No need to reply to the whole list...

But highly recommend Divine Miracle & Babobilicons to the whole list ­ those
are the ones I¹ve seen.

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On 5/25/12 11:03 AM, "Daina Krumins" <> wrote:

> I would just like to have a program of my films, including Glass, The Divine
> Miracle, Babobilicons, and Summer Light.
> Glass is feature length.
> Here's the info:
> P.S. I live in New Jersey
>   From: Jay Hudson <>
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>  Sent: Friday, May 25, 2012 1:21 AM
>  Subject: [Frameworks] Open Programming Call at the Millennium in June
> To all Filmmakers:
> The Millennium has been undergoing substantial changes in its space
> and its organization.  As a result, we have been only having events
> this winter and spring somewhat sporadically.  There has been a lot of
> pent up energy here at the Millennium.  It is now time to release this
> energy.  We are going to try to do as many shows as we can in June.
> Some of these will be at other venues, so will be at the front room
> here at the Millennium.
> There are a lot of NYC filmmakers or those who would be in NYC who
> want to show their work or curate something.  Now is the time to step
> up and do something creative and interesting.  This is not a series of
> open screenings (though we will have one in June).  People have to
> have something interesting to present and should be able to discuss
> what they are doing.
> All those who are interested should email me at this address.  No
> samples please.  Just tell us what you want us to do.  If it sounds
> good and is feasible, we are going to do it.  If you know of people
> who would like to do it, then let them know.
> We plan to complement our regular curated program with this open
> approach.  We are going to be aggressive in seeking out and
> illuminating what artists and curators are doing NOW in the arts of
> the moving image.
> We are starting this off with Takahiko Iimura Friday 8:00pm at the
> Millennium Gallery.  We are going to do four shows the next weekend
> (TBA).  The intention is to step it
> We don't have a budget to get prints.  Artists/curators will get a
> split after our costs are paid.
> The Millennium started with this free-flowing style of programming.
> We are getting back to our roots, yet reinventing ourselves for today.

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