We¹ve recently shown it in Los Angeles as part of Alternative Projections,
as you know.  Thanks for checking out our site!
Prints are available through the Academy Film Archive.  Contact May Haduong
there.  One can view it in person, or maybe get a venue to rent it.
It is quite good, and I think David has warmed a bit to it since the book
was written.  He still doesn¹t like his student films, but we like them


Adam Hyman
Los Angeles Filmforum

On 6/22/12 2:16 PM, "Ekrem Serdar" <ekremser...@gmail.com> wrote:

> So, having recently read Mr. Wilson's Cabinet of Wonder, I am obviously
> curious of David Wilson's film Stasis. The book implies that he isn't/wasn't
> too fond with it (or his experimental flicky activities), or at least felt
> that it didn't quite hit what he wanted out of life/art/__.
> Any watchers? Any idea on where I could see it / or rent it (for future
> reference)? I saw the little diddy below on the Alternative Projections site
> <http://alternativeprojections.com/data/peopleDetail.php?id=David%20Wilson#bio
> > .. I mean, it sounds like a fun film!
>> The original camera footage for STASIS is an 8-minute, 8:1 camera zoom. That
>> footage was then printed with an equal but complimentary optical zoom
>> resulting in an image of apparent stillness. Stasis is the image of the
>> stillness in motion.   Stasis counterpoints the movements of running water in
>> a stream within a still-camera shot, with a steady zoom from without the
>> filmed image (including subtle sprocket holes and frame lines) to a close-up
>> within the image.   [Source: UNKNOWN]  A zoom-out camera shot of a stream in
>> Western Colorado is compensated for by a reverse zoom in rephotography. The
>> tension between these movements creates a drama and a commentary on cinematic
>> illusionism. -Roberta Friedman
>>  [Source: Filmforum Program Notes, 7/11/1984]
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