I have done cross-country interviews before, and I feel your best possible
quality option is to have someone on the other end show up and mic/shoot
the subject while you speak to them on the telephone/skype/etc.

Also there is in fact an iphone app to record a conversation, although I am
not sure what it is called, nor am I sure its audio quality.


On Wed, Jul 11, 2012 at 3:42 PM, John Woods <jawood...@yahoo.ca> wrote:

> Hi Frameworks,
> I'm looking for advice on recording a long distance interview. I
> originally thought I could do it in person with my Zoom recorder but the
> subject's work plans changed and will not be coming out from the East coast
> anymore.
> There are various ways to chat over the internet but I don't have any
> experience with them or whether you can record the session. My main concern
> is coming up with a solution that would require minimal work on the
> subjects end. I also have some doubts about the quality of the average PC
> microphone, but I wouldn't be against buying a better quality mic for the
> subject to use. I could also try the old technique of recording a phone
> conversation if there are any decent gadgets for doing that still on the
> market. I do have access to a good old fashioned landline but perhaps there
> is a iphone app that would work as well?
> Excerpts of the interview will be used in a documentary film. It doesn't
> need to be hollywood quality but I'd prefer it to be audible without the
> use of subtitles.
> Many thanks in advance for any tips!
> John
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