Dear Fred;

There's no sin in being in the minority, or the majority if that's the case, 
because there's no sin. Yes, life is too short for this sort of 'creativity' or 
any other. The joy of meaninglessness is in the eye of the beholder, and I am 
happy to discover that some seem no utility at all in my posts, for I wish them 
to remain free of such drudgery. As for Allie's name, well some fine magickian 
he'd be if the spelling could be pinned down and stuck in some prison of the 
alphabet. He spells it as he chooses, but it's always pronounced Cro-lee, like 
the bird he's flipping you all beneath his cape. And you need not worry about 
insults to my genuine greatness, for I am well aware of my own stature, and 
quite immune to any and all attacks on it, even those I make myself. In fact, I 
rather enjoy being on the receiving end of a little smack now and then, as it 
adds a touch of vitality to my old corpus. You have nothing to be Angered about 
but Anger himself.

your better,

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