You're obviously not aware of actual scams that seek to convince people that 
someone close to them is suddenly in serious economic straits, almost always 
while they are abroad and now stranded.
They are too numerous to list here; a simple search will provide a multiplicity 
of the variations on the theme. So, yes, I think your "humor" in the form of 
the sudden necessity of monetary assistance due to 
unforeseen circumstances indeed qualifies as one that could be believed by the 
more naive amongst us to be legitimate, and therefore, a hoax.
If you want to send "humorous" emails, to your own friends, be my guest by all 
means, but it is highly disrespectful to hijack what is considered as a 
professional forum for your own shits and giggles. It is things like this that 
make people want to unsubscribe, which I can't imagine is a result you'd want. 
So, like I first suggested, please start your own experimental humor hoax 
listserv, and leave Frameworks to those interested in following 
and participating on it for its intended use.



> From: Adam Hyman <>
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>Subject: Re: [Frameworks] Please help
>Re: [Frameworks] Please help 
>What?  A community includes humor; that is one of the things that makes it a 
>community.  True, irony & sarcasm are often lost in email & on websites, and 
>maybe you are being ironic or sarcastic in your reply (and the previous person 
>with a similar note), but I strongly feel that it is OK to have one thread 
>with some humor that goes on for a couple of days!  So, Elizabeth, Simonetta, 
>and Fred, I personally disagree with you on this one.
>And I think that this is in no way a hoax, since the original post wasn’t 
>trying to “pull over” anything on anyone.  It was obviously a joke.
>In a day or two this thread too will pass, and we can return to an email group 
>consisting of nothing but deathly earnestness and seriousness.  
>(And for a bit of insight as to why the original wasn’t a hoax – Kenneth Anger 
>is still alive in corporeal form in Los Angeles.  And of course, the signature 
>at the end for money was to David.   A parody of notes that all of you have 
>My two cents and best regards to all,
>On 7/25/12 1:53 PM, "elizabeth mcmahon" <> wrote:
>I'm with Fred. Please cease and desist on Frameworks and if you must, set up 
>your own experimental hoax humor listserv. 
>>>  From: Tim Halloran <>
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>>> Subject: Re: [Frameworks] Please help
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>>>On Jul 25, 2012, at 10:56 AM, "Alex" <> wrote:
>>>> Fred, thank you for pointing out that this is a hoax. I have a rare 
>>>> vitamin deficiency that affects some of my cognitive functions and my 
>>>> ability to process visual information called Iron-y Blindness and you can 
>>>> only imagine how difficult it is to be a fan of experimental films and 
>>>> indeed engage in intellectual conversation in general without being able 
>>>> to get jokes.
>>>> So rare and made up is my illness that there are no foundations currently 
>>>> funding research for a cure and I've had to start my own. So far no one 
>>>> has been taking me seriously (which I find offensive because I am forced 
>>>> by nature to always be serious) and I am left alone in this world 
>>>> constantly writing out checks to bring Ken Anger back to corporeality.
>>>> I'm glad to find someone willing to stand up for people like me and I was 
>>>> wondering if you would interested in sending me a large sum of money so 
>>>> that I may develop a sense of humor and stop falling victim to these 
>>>> schoolyard bullies on the internet.
>>>> Always,
>>>> Alexander
>>>> On Jul 25, 2012, at 1:15 PM, "Fred Camper" <> wrote:
>>>>> David,
>>>>> Perhaps I'm in the minority here, but I really dislike hoaxes that attempt
>>>>> humor on lists such as FrameWorks. First of all, some almost always take
>>>>> them seriously, as has apparently already happened at least once. Second,
>>>>> life is too short for such "creativity." I trust I'm not the only one
>>>>> among the many hundreds on this list who do not appreciate seeing all
>>>>> these meaningless emails. Finally, this particular hoax seems to me to be
>>>>> insulting to the work of a genuinely great filmmaker. Hell, you even
>>>>> misspelled Crowley's first name.
>>>>> Fred Camper
>>>>> Chicago
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